How do you ensure that HRMS vendors cover everything you want them to during their product demo? How do you keep them talking about the features that matter to you, rather than trying to wow you with their shiniest sales speak?

This is a problem faced by everyone approaching the demo phase of their HRMS selection project, which is why we have compiled this guide to navigating HRMS demos on your own terms. Inside, you will find:

  • advice on writing vendor scripts
  • insightful questions to ask vendors during the demonstration
  • a template HRMS demo score sheet for your team

Get to grips with the HRMS demo process and make the best software decision possible. Download your free pdf copy of the guide by completing this form.

Use vendor demos to make the best HRMS selection decision possible

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  • 15 pages of practical, real-world advice
  • Written by experienced HRMS project managers
  • Exclusive to HRMS World

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