Before you purchase that dazzling new automated payroll system your accounts department has been after, your company has a lot of work to do.

You’ll need a full review of existing payroll processes, a strategic vision for how new payroll software will impact your company and a well-thought-through change management plan if you want to recoup the cost of your investment

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to managing payroll using your HRMS. Inside you'll find advice on:

  • Integrating and automating payroll using HRMS
  • How to review payroll processes and identify key requirements
  • Dividing up responsibilities between payroll and self-service 

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A comprehensive guide to help you manage payroll effectively with HRMS

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  • 12 pages of HRMS features
  • Compiled by experts with real-world HR experience
  • Exclusive to HRMS World

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